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Remarks (internal):Gymnosporangium sabinae is reported herein as new to Korea, known only in Gyeongnam Province. This fungus was reported in China by Wang and Lin (1985); it is not known in Japan.  
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Description:Gymnosporangium sabinae (Dicks.) G. Winter, Rabenhorst's Kryptogamen-Flora, Pilze-Schizomyceten, Saccharomyceten und Basidiomyceten 1(1):232, 1881. Fig. 5
?Tremella sabinae Dicks. 1785.
[Gymnosporangium fuscum DC. 1805, nom. illeg.]
= Puccinia juniperi Pers.: Pers. 1794.
Telia caulicolous, fusiform swellings, conical or tongue-shaped, variable, 4-7 mm high, brownish orange; teliospores 2-celled, brownish orange, 38-51.5 x 18.5-25 µm, walls 1.5-2 µm thick.
Disease. - European pear rust, pear trellis rust.
Hosts in Korea. - Juniperus chinensis L.
Distribution. - This fungus is widespread in Europe and extends to Asia (China, Korea) and northern Africa (Algeria, Morocco). Also introduced into North America (Canada and USA) (Laundon 1977b, CMI 1989).
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