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 Add this item to the list  117. Lactarius calceolus n. sp.
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Description:117. Lactarius calceolus, n. sp.
Pileo tenui centro depresso, margine repando alutaceo-fusco epidermide rimosa; stipite curto concolori; lamellis perpaucis distantibus venoso-connexis decurrentibus albis.
On the ground in woods. Waynesville, Ohio. Aug. 31, Sept. 10, 1844. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus 3 inches across, thin, arched so as to present a half-ovate form, brown-buff, smooth, not viscid; epidermis cracked, flesh white. Stem short, half an inch in height and thickness, brown-buff, like the pileus. Gills white, decurrent, half an inch broad, extremely distant, more or less connected by transverse veins or plates, forked near the edge, exuding a mild milky juice.
An extremely curious species, remarkable for its few distant gills and the contrast between them and the brown-buff stem. The pilei in all the specimens found at present are laterally confluent. It cannot be confounded with any known species.
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