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Description:121. Panus dealbatus, n. sp
Pileo-coriaceo-molli flabelliformi umbrino striato, stipiteque laterali longiusculo compreso vel canaliculato sursum dilatato, strato albo subtiliter rimoso vestitis; lamellis decurrentibus distinctis umbrinis.
On a dry dead branch. Waynesville, Ohio. Aug. 26, 1844. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus 0.75 of an inch broad, flabelliform, sometimes lobed, when moist, tough and pliable, umber-brown, striate; when dry white and minutely cracked, as if whitewashed, with a dark border. Stem 0.25 of an inch or more high, dilated upwards, compressed and often canaliculate, perfectly lateral, of the same colour and texture as the pileus. Gills narrow, umber-brown, distinct, without any veins in the interstices decurrent and clothed below with a white stratum; when dry, brown with a white edge.
Allied to Ag. farinaceus, Sebum., but at once distinguished by its very decurrent gills. There are few prettier fungi than this when dry. Sometimes the stem is forked, and each division produces a distinct pileus.
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