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 Add this item to the list  123. Polyporus (Mesopus) fissus n. sp.
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Description:123. Polyporus (Mesopus) fissus, n. sp.
Pileo primum infundibuliformi demum fisso, lobis flabelliformibus, tenuissimo luteo-fusco. Stipite deorsum nigro; hymenio albo; poris minimis.
On a decaying stick. Waynesville, Ohio. Sept. 5, 1849. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus 1.5-2 inches across, at first infundibuliform, at length split once or twice behind, and forming as many flabellate lobes, extremely thin, quite smooth, minutely striate, yellow-brown.
Stem scarce half an inch high, very minutely velvety, back below.
Pores white, invisible to the naked eye, punctiform.
Closely allied to Pol. varius, but a much more rielicate species than any of its allies. The pores are as minute as in Pol. xanthopus, so that it was sent as a Thelephora.
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