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 Add this item to the list  122. Panus angustatus n. sp
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Description:122. Panus angustatus, n. sp
Parvus tenuis pileo spathulato subtiliter pubescente postice angustato farinaceo; strato superiore gelatinoso; stipite brevissimo; lamellis angustis decurrentibus.
On a dead log. Waynesville, Ohio. Sept. 10, 1844. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus about 1 inch long, coriaceo-submembranaceous, spathulate or flabelliform, narrowed behind, white, dirty-white, or yellowish, most minutely pubescent; upper stratum gelatinous. Stem extremely short, being in fact little more than a continuation of the pileus. Gills very narrow, close, decurrent, white, very minutely pubescent, yellowish when dry.
Somewhat resembling P. copulatus. Mr. Lea describes it as tough when fresh.
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