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Description:Polyporus (Anodermei) hypococcinus, n. sp.
Pileo subungulato carnoso-suberoso, intus fibroso zonatoque, inmquabili ex alutaceo-aurantio incano subtiliter tomentoso; poris parvis longis e pileo secernibilibus aurantiis intus coccineis.
Waynesville, Ohio. On rotten trunks. Sept. 7, 1844. T. G. Lea, Esq.
Pileus several inches across, subungulate or expanded, of a soft coriaceous or corky substance, uneven, buff and orange, becoming whitish when dry, very minutely tomentose; substance pale buff, (sometimes pink when dry), consisting of fibres which radiate from the base, and are crossed by concentric zones.
Hymenium bright crimson-orange. Pores small, 1/70 of an inch broad, an inch long, crimson within, separable from the flesh, and partially from each other; edge of dissepiments orange, slightly thickened and flexuous.
This magnificent species approaches in some respects the genus Fistulina, but the pores, though partially separable, are those of a Polyporus.
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