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 Add this item to the list  132. Lenzites Crataegi n. sp
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Description:132. Lenzites Crataegi, n. sp
Pileo coriaceo rigido glaberrimo nitido cervino concentrice sulcato fasciatoque; quandoque radiato-ruguloso poris flexuosis demum elongatis; dissepimentis molliusculis, hic illic lamella formibus.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 12, 1840. T. G. Lea. Esq.
Pileus orbicular 1.5 inch broad, fixed by the vertex, rigid coriaceous, quite smooth and shining, repeatedly zoned and sulcate.
Hymenium brownish. Pores 1/60th of an inch in diameter, slightly sinuous, much elongated towards the centre, dissepiments thin, soft.
This beautiful species has exactly the habit of Hexayona tenuis, but the pores are very different. It has been gathered at Isle aux Noix, Canada, by Dr. Maclagan, of whose collection it is n. 154. His specimen is ungulate, and marked with little radiating lines, which are wanting in Mr. Lea's plant.
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