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Description:151. Agaricus (Crepidotus) hepatizon, n. sp.
Pileo umbilicato excentrico versiformi glaberrimo hepatico; stipite cartilagineo compresso lamellis fragilibus laceratis decurrentibus concoloribus. - Gardner, n. 52.
Hautane Range, Ceylon. On old wood. June, 1844. Pileus 1.5 inch broad, umbilicate, eccentric, sometimes nearly stemless, smooth, liver-coloured.
Stem 1 inch high, 1/4 thick, cartilaginous compressed, of the same colour as the pileus, sending out a few roots at the base. Gills much torn, paler than the pileus. Spores minute, ferruginous.
A very distinct species resembling rather some of the eccentric Pleuroti than any in its own group.
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