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 Add this item to the list  160. Lentinus revelatus n. sp.
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Description:160. Lentinus revelatus, n. sp.
Confluenti-caespitosus; pileo depresso crassiusculo e velutino glabrato ochraceo; stipite elongato extus spongioso; lamellis angustis decurrentibus integris. - Gardner, n. 117.
On decaying wood. Point de Galle, Ceylon. April, 1844.
Confluenti-caespitose; pilei unequal 2.5 inches across, depressed, flexuous, rather thick, ochraceous, clothed at first with dense velvety down, then naked, but slightly pulverulent not virgate; margin scarcely involute, except in the young plant, when the pileus is infundibuliform. Stems connate 2.5 inches high, nearly 1/4 thick, clothed with spongy down, nearly equal, hard, and rigid. Gills crowded, narrow, entire, decurrent, slightly anastomosing behind.
This very remarkable species is allied to L. connatus, Berk.; but differs materially in the velvety deciduous clothing of the pileus.

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