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 Add this item to the list  162. L. giganteus n. sp.
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Description:162. L. giganteus, n. sp.
Maximus, pileo convexo umbrino squamulis depresses saturatioribus maculato; centro crasso; margine primum involuto tenui sulcato pallido; stipite sursum valde incrassato subvelutino solido radicante; lamellis arcuatis subdistantibus integris longe decurrentibus albis. (TAB. XVII. XVII I. f. 2). - Gardner, n. 58.
On the ground. Hautane Range, Ceylon. July, 1844.
Pileus 8 inches across, at first convex, with the margin strongly involute, at length nearly plane in the centre, then contracted, with the margin slightly expanded; umber-brown, thickly spotted with darker adpressed scales; margin thin, pale, smooth, sulcate. Stem 3 inches or more high, about an inch thick in the centre, expanded above, solid, pale, rather velvety, rooting. Gills moderately broad, rather distant, strongly arched, entire.
A most magnificent and curious species allied to L. descendens, Fr.
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