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Description:163. Lentinus maculatus, n. sp.; albidus pileo depresso medio maculato-squamoso, margine tenui repando sulcato; stipite glabro; lamellis albis decurrentibus. (TAB. XIX. f. 2). - Gardner, n. 39.
On the ground. Hautane, Ceylon.
Cream coloured. Pileus 3-1 inches across, depressed in the centre, and marked with brown scale-like spots. Margin arched, smooth, sulcate. Stems connate 2 inches high, more than half an inch thick, solid, smooth. Gills rather narrow, arcuate, thin, decurrent, lacerated, with their edge entire.
This species has very much the habit of Lactarius piperatus. It is allied to L. descendens, and is, I believe, quite distinct from any published species.
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