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 Add this item to the list  172. Polyporus (Anodermei) rubidus n. sp.
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Description:172. Polyporus (Anodermei) rubidus, n. sp.
Roseo-gilvus; pileo tenui coriaceo subreniformi sulcato-zonato ina quabili pulverulento sericeo; contextu concolori; poris minimis brevibus punctiformihus. Gardn. 96.
Point de Galle, Ceylon. On fallen trees in woods. Dec. 1844.
Pilei 2 inches or more broad, 1.5 inch long, laterally confluent, subreniform or subflabelliform, thin, coriaceous of a delicate rosy grey, uneven, sulcate or zoned, clothed with delicate mealy pubescence. Substance coloured like the pileus. Pores rosy grey, very minute, but visible to the naked eye, punctiform.
A very elegant species, resembling in colour P. Feei and P. carneus, but without any distinct cuticle.
P. carneus, too, is described as glabrous, which is not the case with the present species, which I should otherwise have been inclined to think a well developed form of the Java Fungus.
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