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 Add this item to the list  182. Daedalea pavonia n. sp.
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Description:182. Daedalea pavonia, n. sp.
Imbricate; pileis reniformibus quandoque flabelliformibus rigidis coriaceis vertice affixis ligneo-pallidis minutissime sericeis, zonis crebris fasciatis: poris marginalibus rotundis; postice siiivatis. - Gardn. n. 108.
On dead wood. Dimboola, Ceylon. March, 1844. Hautane Range. Sept. 1844.
Caespitose, imbricated. Pilei 2 inches or more broad, 1.5 inch long, often laterally confluent, reniform or flabelliform, rigid, coriaceous, slightly rugged, attached by the vertex, very minutely silky, wood-coloured, with a few brown, and many delicate paler zones; substance white.
Pores 1/50 of an inch broad, those near the barren margin round, towards the centre and behind, variously sinuated, of the colour of the pileus.
Somewhat resembling some forms of Pol. Persoonii, Mont., but without the slightest varnish on the pileus.
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