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Remarks (public):Allied to A. mollis, from which, however, it differs in many respects. Its spores are far smaller than in that species. 
Description type:Original description 
Description:194. Agaricus (Crepidotus) hepatochrous, n. s.
Gregarius; pileo horizontali subcarnoso sinuato glabro hepatico; stipite brevissimo albo, primum basi disciformi affixo; lamellis luteo-cinnamomeis albo-marginatis. Gunn, No. 1787.
Hab. On bark. May, 1845.
Gregarious, but scarcely crowded.
Pileus at first globose, with a short central stem, but soon extended on one side, and at length extremely eccentric, smooth, rather undulated, one inch or more broad, slightly fleshy, not gelatinous, of a deep liver-brown. Stem always extremely short, white, attached by a round disc, the margin of which is byssoid. Gills moderately distant, rather ventricose, rounded behind, of a pale cinnamon, edged with white, not echinulate. Spores oval, ferruginous.

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