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 Add this item to the list   Polyporus licnoides Mont. Fig. 150
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Description:Polyporus licnoides Mont. Fig. 150
Sometimes resupinate, occasionally perennial for a few years; pore surface reddish brown, the tubes up to 5 mm long, pores 6-8 per mm; context reddish brown. Tissue darkening but without stain in KOH; hyphal system dimitic, the context principally of skeletal hyphae which are 3-6 µm in diameter; setae abundant, subulate, 30-40 x 5-7 µm; spores hyaline, smooth, oblong-ellipsoid, 3-4.5 x 2.5-3 µm.
On angiosperms in temperate and tropical North America; associated with a white rot. This species belongs to a widely distributed and inadequately studied group that has Polyporus gilvus Fries and P. licnoides as common temperate and tropical representatives. For more detailed discussion see Lowe (1957, p. 51).
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