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 Add this item to the list  206. Marasmius opacus Berk. and Curt.
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Description:206. Marasmius opacus, Berk. and Curt.
Gracilis; pileo convexo ruguloso opaco pulverulento albido; stipite insititio elongato pulverulento-subfurfuraceo pallido; lamellis ventricosis distantibus adnexis. Curt., No. 1241.
Hab. On leaves and twigs. South Carolina. June, 1847.
Pileus 2 lines across, convex, or slightly depressed round a central umbo, opake, pulverulent, dirty white, scarcely striate or sulcate. Stem 1-1.5 inch high, 1/3 of a line thick, of the same colour with the pileus, pulverulent, and, towards the base, furfuraceous. Gills ventricose, moderately broad, slightly adnate, with the interstices nearly even.
This species is nearly allied to M. ramealis, but, like M. synodicus, is far more elongated. It does not appear to be particularly gregarious. The stem is not darker at the base, the -gills are ventricose and moderately broad. From M. candidus it differs clearly in its opake pileus, and from M. synodicus in its rather broad, not vein-like, gills.
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