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 Add this item to the list   211. Lenzites ungulaeformis Berk. and Curt.
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Description:211. Lenzites ungulaeformis, Berk. and Curt.
Albida lignea subtriquetra ina quabilis glabrata nitida: lamellis ligneis latis poroso-ramosis. Curt., No. 24.
Hab. On decayed wood. North Carolina.
Hard; woody, dirty white. Pileus subtriquetrous, rather elongated, 2 inches broad, 1.25 long, 0.75 thick, villous when young, but soon smooth and shining; surface unequal, once or twice sulcate, with some trace of the almost obliterated vinosity towards the margin. Gills broad, thin but woody, branched, and here and there forming sinuous pores.
Allied to Lenzites betalina, but a more rigid species. It resembles also Lenzites aspera, but has not the scabrous surface of that species, nor has it the same habit.
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