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Description:221. Polyporus (anodermei) fissilis, Berk. and Curt.
Albus; pileo dimidiato vertice elongato rugoso hic illic aculeato-setoso; intus fibroso-fissili insigniter zonato; poris! mediis subrotundis acie obtusiuscula. Curt. No.1441.
Hab. On old stumps. North Carolina.
Pileus 6 inches broad, 2 long, or including the elongated vertex, 3.5, dimidiate undulated, rugose, with numerous raised lines, which are sparingly aculeato-setose; substance splitting into fibres zoned throughout. Pores about 1/50 of an inch broad, subrotund; edge rather obtuse.
A fine species belonging to the same section as P. spumeus, remarkable for its strongly zoned highly fibrous substance; the nearest ally is P. borealis, but it has larger pores, firmer dissepiments, and a more fibrous texture.
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