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Description:Fomes lividus (Kalchbr.) Sam Fig. 156
Fomitiporia cubensis Murr., North Amer. Flora 9:8. 1907 (NY; BPI; FH; SYRF). Poria cinereo-umbrina P. Henn. in Voeltzkow, Reise in Ostafrika III, p. 19. 1908 (isotypes-BPI and S).
Often resupinate, perennial; pore surface pale chocolate-brown, often glaucous; tubes soft-corky to firm, up to 8 mm long in each layer, pores rounded, 4-5 per mm; context chocolate-brown, fibrous-fissile, up to 0.8 mm thick; tissue darkening and without stain in KOH; hyphal system monomitic, the context of generative hyphae which are rarely simple-septate, 3-5 µm in diameter; spores hyaline, smooth, IKI reddish brown, ellipsoid to oblong-oval, 5-7 x 3.5-5 µm.
On angiosperms in subtropical and tropical America and in the tropical areas of all the other continents. The rot is uncertain, but probably white. For a more extended account, with additional synonomy, see Lowe (1957, p. 41).
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