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 Add this item to the list   225. Hydnum pulcherrimum Berk. and Curt.
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Description:225. Hydnum pulcherrimum, Berk. and Curt.
Dimidiatum crassum lobatum spongiosum carnoso-fibrosum hirsutum intus zonatum margine tenui; aculeis breviusculis subulatis. Curt. No. 1648.
Hab. On decayed logs. Santee River. Mr. Ravenel.
Pilei white, with a pale tawny tinge, subimbricated, 6 inches broad, 3 inches long, 2 inches thick; dimidiate, somewhat lobed, carnosofibrous, of a soft spongy consistence, clothed with copious stiff down, which is more or less matted, sometimes as if gummed together; substance slightly zoned. Teeth subulate, 1-2 lines long, tawny.
This splendid species is closely allied to H. septentrionale, but is smaller, far less imbricated, and clothed with much stiffer hairs. The general structure is precisely that of Pol. hispidus.
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