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 Add this item to the list  226. Hydnum pithyophilum Berk. and Curt.
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Description:226. Hydnum pithyophilum, Berk. and Curt.
Resupinatum effusum, subiculo tenuissimo farinaceo-byssoideo; aculeis ochraceis compressis apice dentato-laceris. Curt. No. 1501.
Hab, On fallen branches of Finns palustris, South Carolina.
Forming confluent patches several inches in length. Subiculum extremely thin, sometimes farinaceous, sometimes finely byssoid, white. Teeth ochraceous, one line long, compressed, more or less toothed or jagged at the apex.
Resembling resupinate states of H. ochraceum, but differing in the very scanty immarginate subiculum and compressed torn aculei. The hymenium is in fact extremely like that of resupinate portions of Irpex sinuosus, where the character of the genus Irpex is not well exhibited.
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