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 Add this item to the list  253. Agaricus (Clitocybe) incongruus n. s.
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Description:253. Agaricus (Clitocybe) incongruus, n. s.
Pileo undulato umbilicato subcarnoso glabro cinereo-ca sio; stipite elongato basi incrassato valido concolore deorsum cavo; lamellis latiusculis ventricosis decurrentibus. Hook. fil., No. 103, cum ic.
Hab. On the ground. Jillapahar, Darjeeling, 7,500 feet. August, September.
Inodorous. Pileus 1.25 inch broad, undulated, umbilicate, smooth, dry, cinereous-blue, slightly fleshy; flesh white. Stem 6 inches high, nearly 1/2 an inch thick, incrassated downwards and slightly downy, of the same colour as the pileus, somewhat fibrillose, hollow from the middle to the base, white within except near the surface, composed of fibres. Gills ventricose, rather distant, decurrent, white.
A very curious species, resembling somewhat the amethyst form of A. laccatus, and perhaps as nearly allied to that species as to any described. It contracts extremely in drying.
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