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 Add this item to the list  280. Agaricus (Pleurotus) eöus, Berk.
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Description:280. Agaricus (Pleurotus) eöus, Berk.
Imbricatus, tenerrimus, totus pallide rubellus; pileo tenui glabro; stipite obsoleto; lamellis angustis decurrentibus. Hook. fil., No. 9, cum ic.
Hab. In the hottest valleys, on trunks of 'dead trees, in open places. Sikkim Himalaya. May.
Odour faint. Imbricated, extremely beautiful and delicate, of a pale Aurora-red. Pileus 3 inches or more across, spathulate at first, then flabelliform, smooth, slightly rimose, thin, but fleshy, brittle; edge incurved. Stem obsolete. Gills very narrow, decurrent, extremely thin, crowded, reticulated at the base.
Allied to A. petaloides, but differing in its uniform tint, in the
absence of the villous, channelled stem, and in its flabelliform, not permanently spathulate pileus.
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