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 Add this item to the list  310. Agaricus (Psathyra) calvescens n. s.
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Description:310. Agaricus (Psathyra) calvescens, n. s.
Pileo submembranaceo ex ovato conico-subcampanulato obtuso primitus piloso-tomentoso de-mum calvescente; stipite floccoso sursum glabro fistuloso; lamellis latis ascendentibus adnexis distantibus cinereis. Hook. fil., no. 117, cum ic.
Hab. On mossy earth, in tufts. Darjeeling, 7,500 feet. September.
Odour like that of Ag. campestris. Soft, brittle. Pileus 1.5 inch across, at first ovate, white, with a pale reddish-yellow tinge, clothed with pilose fasciculate deflexed down, thin, conical, subcampanulate, gradually becoming smooth, even, cinereous, with the exception of the yellow apex. Stem 2 inches high, 2 lines thick, floccoso-squamose below, the tufts of flocci pointing upwards, smooth above the point of attachment of the edge of the young pileus, white, slightly incrassated downwards, fistalose. Gills broad, ventricose, ascending, adnexed, rather distant, cinereous, with a pale border. Spores dark, elliptic.
Nearly allied to Ag. pennatus, but larger, with more distant gills, &c. It is also more densely clothed with down, the free flocci of which make pilose fascicles.
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