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 Add this item to the list   328. Lenzites rugulosa n. s.
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Description:328. Lenzites rugulosa, n. s.
Pileo sessili subflabelliformi postice crassiusculo antice acutissimo radiato-rugoso subzonato albido-fuscescente; poris mediis, dissepimentis tenuibus subalutaceis demum lamelliformihus.
Hab. On trunks of trees. Darjeeling.
Pilei 3 inches long, 2.5 broad, sessile, laterally connate, subflabelliform, sometimes lobed, thick behind, very acute in front, slightly zoned, rough with radiating wrinkles, smooth, somewhat shining, whitish, changing in parts to brownish. Hymenium pale tan-coloured; pores behind entire, in front much elongated, their dissepiments thin, lamelliform.
A very pretty species, with somewhat the habit of Lenzites applanata, but altogether more delicate, and, indeed, less faithfully exhibiting the type of the genus.
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