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 Add this item to the list  388. Hygrophorus fulvus n. s.
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Description:388. Hygrophorus fulvus, n. s.
Pileo campanulato obtuso subcarnoso late fulvo pulverulenti-squamoso, margine striato; stipite tenth aequali concolore; lamellis luteis adnatis postice attenuatis. Hook. fil., Ser. 2, No. 23.
Hab. In pine-woods. Sikkim, 11,000 feet.
Brittle. Pileus scarcely half an inch broad, campanulate, obtuse, not viscid, rather fleshy, bright tawny, sprinkled in the centre with little dust-like scales; margin striate. Stem 2 inches high, 1.5 line thick, nearly equal, smooth, tawny like the pileus, but paler and yellower below, fistulose. Gills broad, ventricose, yellow, adnate, attenuated behind.
A pretty little species, with the habit of H. psittacinus.
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