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 Add this item to the list  394. Boletus fragicolor n. s.
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Description:394. Boletus fragicolor, n. s.
Pileo turbinato obtusissimo purpureo, came pallida in cute rubra; stipite obliquo bulboso ]xvi pileo concolore sed saturatiore; tubulis majusculis brevibus decurreutibus. Hook. fil., Ser. 3, No. 29.
Hab. Khassya mountains.
Pileus 6 inches across, nearly 3 inches thick in the centre, turbinate, broadly and very obtusely umbonate, purple; margin slightly lobed; flesh pale red beneath the cuticle. Stem oblique, 3 inches high, 1 inch thick in the centre, bulbous at the base, of a rich purple, much darker than the pileus. Tubes short, greenish-yellow, rather large, decurrent.
The substance of the stem and pileus is of a uniform, very pale yellowish tint, except beneath the cuticle, where, in either case, it is red.
This is a fine species, evidently allied to B. subtomentosus and B. chrysenteron, but abundantly distinct. It has the habit of such species as B. cestivalis. The stem is not reticulate, and therefore the species, though agreeing in the form of the stem, will not come in the section Calopodes.
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