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 Add this item to the list   396. Boletus areolatus n. s.
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Description:396. Boletus areolatus, n. s.
Pileo amplo leviter depresso alutaceo fulvo verrucis hexagonis areolato; came pallide flava; stipite deorsum attenuato; tubulis carneis decurrentibus. Hook. fil., Ser. 3, No. 6.
Hab. Open pastures. Kala-Panee, Khassya, 5500 feet. June 27, 1850.
Pileus 5 inches across, convex, slightly depressed in the centre, dry, covered (except the extreme margin) with hexagonal crowded warts, tawny, tan-coloured, sometimes very deeply fissured. Stem 4 inches high, or more, varying much in thickness, attenuated downwards, brownish. Tubes rose-coloured, decurrent. Substance rather tough.
I am unable to speak positively of the affinities of this species, but it appears to be allied to B. alutarius and B. felleus.
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