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 Add this item to the list   412. Boletus flavipes n. s.
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Description:412. Boletus flavipes, n. s.
Pileo convexo pallide fusco-luteo; stipite incurvo cavo flavo-pulveruleuto; tubulis adnexis sordide flavis.
Hab. Khasia Mountains, on the ground. Myrong. July, 1850. (Dr. Hooker.)
Inodorous. Pileus 2 inches across, convex, dry, pale fuscous-yellow, of a firm but rather soft consistence. Stem 1.5 inch high, incrassated upwards, curved, hollow, clothed with a very thin bright yellow meal. Pores moderately long, rather large. Spores subelliptic, 1/3500 of an inch long.
A pretty species, distinguished by its yellow hollow stem. The stem resembles that of B. Ravenelii, Berk. et Curt.
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