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 Add this item to the list  422. Polyporus (Anodermei) digitalis n. s.
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Description:422. Polyporus (Anodermei) digitalis, n. s.
Pileo carnoso lente tenui digitaliformi vertice affixo subzonato subvelutino ochraceo; hymenio concolore; poris minutis angulatis; acie subintegra.
Hab. On dead wood. Sikkim; Darjeeling, 7500 feet. (Dr. Hooker.)
Pileus 1.5 inch or more broad arid long, thin, digitaliform, with the aperture expanded, slightly zoned, velvety, or clothed with matted down, ochraceous. Edge extremely thin and acute; hymenium even, of the same colour as the pileus. Pores minute, shallow, angular, about 1/130 of an inch across. Edge nearly entire.
This has to the eye the appearance of a variety of Stereum lobatum. The form is essentially digitaloid, the young pilei appearing like almond-shaped sacs: I have seen nothing like it before. Cellularia cyathiformis, Bull. t. 414, expresses in some degree its habit.
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