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 Add this item to the list  428. Polyporus (Placodermei) Thomson n. s.
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Description:428. Polyporus (Placodermei) Thomson, n. s.
suberosus; pileo angulatodeformi sulcato rugoso postice decurrente laccato; contextu pallide ligneo; poris mediis, acie obtusiuscula subintegra.
Has. On trunks of trees, probably of Pine. Simla, Dr. Thomson.
Corky, ponderous. Pileus 12 inches across, 4 inches long, obliquely ungulate, decurrent behind, deeply sulcate, rugose, covered with a resinous, red, lactate coat, which is in parts minutely wrinkled, and occasionally cracked so as to expose the pale, wood-coloured, corky substance, which is very faintly zoned. Hymenium concave, wood-coloured. Pores about 1/35 of an inch across, round or slightly angular, sometimes elongated; dissepiments rather thick; edge rather obtuse, nearly even.
This is closely allied to P. marginatus, but the pores are very much
Larger, so as to make it impossible to refer it to that species. Within what limits it may vary it is impossible to say, as there is only a single, but magnificent specimen. The appearance of the hymenium is very much that of P. annosus.
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