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 Add this item to the list  437. Polyporus (Resupinatus) cereus n. s.
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Description:437. Polyporus (Resupinatus) cereus, n. s.
Resupinatus, tenuis, mycelio spongioso ferrugineo oriursdus; contextu parco flavo; poris minutis cereis, acie tenui denticulata.
Hab. On dead wood. East Nepal; high valleys. (Dr. Hooker.)
Spread over the surface of the wood for 3 or 4 inches, substratose, thin, invested with a spongy ferruginous mycelium; substance thin, yellow. Pores wax-coloured, minute, 1/96 of an inch across, angular; edge thin, sometimes lacerated, sometimes drawn out into acute teeth.
A stalactitic form occurs, in which the edge of the tubes is more regularly drawn out. This I had at first supposed a form of P. scruposus.
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