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 Add this item to the list  467. Ustilago vittata Berk.
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Description:467. Ustilago vittata, Berk.
Germinis basin vittato-elongati occupans; sporis majoribus laeibus globosis. - Berk. in Gard. Chron. 1853, p.148, cum icone.
Hab. On the germens of some Oplismenoid grass, near the summit of Paras Nath, 4000 feet. (Dr. Hooker.)
Occupying the base of the germen, which is elongated above into a long strap-shaped lamina, which is tipped occasionally with the withered remains of the stigma. Spores subglobose, at first hyaline and often pedunculate, 1/1800 of an inch in diameter, even, at length brown.
A very singular species, having at first the appearance of an Ergot. The dark spores are however present at the base of the elongated villous appendage, which seem to arise from the germen. M. Tulasne suggests that it may eventually prove congeneric with Tilletia Sorghi, which is scarcely a good Tilletia.
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