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 Add this item to the list  491. Favolus manipularis n. s.
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Description:491. Favolus manipularis, n. s.
Fascicularis, tener, tenuis; pileo centrali orbiculari glabro convexo; stipite centrali gracili; poris amplis alveolaribus.
Hab. On dead wood. Ceylon. (G. H. K. Thwaites, Esq.)
Caespitose, pallid. Pileus orbicular, convex, 0.5-1 inch or more in diameter, smooth, dimpled when dry, very tender and soft. Stems central, above 1 inch high, not a line thick, smooth, connate below. Pores large, 1/24 of an inch across, orbicular, hexagonal.
This species approaches F. cycloporus, Mont., now referred to Laschia. This at least does not seem to belong to that genus, but to be a true Favolus.
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