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Description:503. Agaricus (Omphalia) smaragdinus, n. s.
Totus viridis; pileo tenui fortiter umbilicato; stipite gracili filiformi aequali; lamellis tenuibus paucis decurrentibus. Spruce, n. 8.
Hab. On the ground. Panuré.
Green. Pileus half an inch across, thin, deeply umbilicate, almost infundibuliform. Stem 1 inch high, 1/4 line thick, equal, smooth, attached to the soil by a few white threads. Gills moderately broad, subtriangular, distant, decurrent.
The gills of this pretty species are far thinner than in any form of A. unzbelliferus, and the habit more delicate. There is no doubt that it is a very distinct species.
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