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 Add this item to the list  538. Panus Sprucei n. s.
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Description:538. Panus Sprucei, n. s.
Pileo excentrico flabelliformi striatim subrugoso livido siccitate albescente, margine lobato; stipite brevi compresso; lamellis subdistantibus nigris decurrentibus postice cum stipite subtiliter tomentosis integris. Spruce, n. 74. (Tab. V. fig. 6.)
Hab. On decayed wood. Panure.
Pileus 1.5 inch long, 2 inches broad, depressed behind, flabelliform, lobed, livid, whitish when dry, opaque from very minute matted down,
marked here and there with little raised lines. Stem confluent.with the pileus, compressed, short, minutely tomentose, attached by an irregular disc, which is rough with little gill-like processes. Gills dark brown or black, moderately broad and distant, entire, decurrent, thin; base clothed like the stem.
On a larger scale than P. dealbatus, and of a less pure white when dry. Panus Vriesii and P. melanophyllus are allied but distinct species. The little elevations at the base are not, I think, entirely dependent on the inequalities of the matrix. (Tab. V. fig. 6. P. Sprucei, nat. size.)
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