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 Add this item to the list  553. Polyporus (Mesopus) diabolicus, n. s.
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Description:553. Polyporus (Mesopus) diabolicus, n. s.
Pileo crassiusculo rigido umbilicato depresso, primum subtiliter velutino, cito glabrescente, margine primum integro, demum crenato lobato; stipite cylindrico sublaccato leevi, disco orbiculari affixo; hymenio brunneo postice libero; poris punctiformibus. Spruce, n. 195.
Hab. On dead trunks. February, 1853. Panuré.
Pileus 4-6 inches broad, umbilicate, depressed, at first minutely velvety in the centre, but soon becoming smooth and shining, deep bay, sometimes producing new pilei from its surface, entire or strongly lobed and crenate; edge in young specimen erect, but afterwards arched. Stem 3 inches or more high, 1/2 inch thick, of the same colour as the pileus, with a smooth, rigid, almost laccate cuticle, firm, solid, cylindrical. Hymenium dark umber, free behind and separate from the stem; pores punctiform, very minute.
Allied to P. varius, but most distinct.
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