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Description:Tripospermum myrti (Lind) Hughes, 1951, Mycol. Pap., 46: 18 (16-18). / in Matsushima (1971), p. 66.
Syn Triposporium myrti Lind, 1913, in Danish Fungi, Copenhagen, p. 537.
Hab On rotten leaves of an un-identified dicotyledonous tree; 18. i. 1970; Lae, Papua - New Guinea; MFC-2812.
Descr On b/c: Colonies slowly growing, but effused, velvety, light fuligineous. Conidia light fuligineous composed of 3 parts: a stalk cell 9-15 x 3.5-4.5 µm, 1 (-2)-celled; central cells, 2 in laterally disposed, 12-14 x 6-7 µm; 4 radiating arms, arising 2 in pairs from central cells, up to 27 µm long, 4-6 µm wide at the base, ca. 2 µm wide near the tip, 1-2-septate. ** Phialophora-state. Phialides erect, 12-18.5 µm long, 3-3.5 µm wide near the base, light fuligineous, tapering to ca. 1.5 µm at the darker colored apex.
Ref Hughes, S. J., 1951, Mycol. Pap., 46: 16-18. ** Ingold, C. T., & V. J. Cox, 1957,
Trans. Br. mycol. Soc., 40: 317-321. On Triposporium and Campylospora. => The growth of T. myrti in pure culture is reported and the conidial development of T. myrti is shown to agree very closely with that of the spore in Campylosporium chaetocladia. ** Tubaki, K., 1962, Trans. mycol. Soc. Jap., 4: 13.
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