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 Add this item to the list  287. Corticium arachnoideum n. s.
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Remarks (public):The species appears to me undescribed, and is very distinct from all with which I am acquainted. Its habit is not unlike that of Thel. bombycina. The genera Thelephora and Corticium, it may be observed, are very far from being completely settled. The character upon which Fries mainly relies, of endosporous and exosporous fructifying cells, is manifestly untenable, as all species with endosporous asci must be removed from Hymenomycetes.
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Description:287. Corticium arachnoideum, n. s.
Totum effusum niveum, molle tenerrimum mycelio latissime-serpente arachnoideo, hymenio laevi glaberrimo. Creeping over mosses and lichens on fallen sticks, Northamptonshire.
Forming delicate effused arachnoid patches of a snowy white; threads by no means forming fibres, but spreading like a delicate web, and often remaining barren, but under favourable circumstances giving rise to a smooth even hymenium, consisting of elliptic sporophores arranged in little bunches. I have not yet seen perfect spores.
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