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 Add this item to the list  380. Pilacre faginea Berk. & Br.
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Remarks (public):This appears to be nearly identical with specimens from Ohio gathered by Mr. Lea, and with others from the Santee river, South Carolina, collected by Mr. Ravenel. In these latter however, though the outward resemblance is perfect, the flocci are not fastigiate, but are strongly curled and frequently anastomose; the spores in either are exactly the same. We have seen no authentic specimen of the plant of Fries. The structure of a very similar fungus from Valais, for which we are indebted to Dr. Montagne, is totally different, resembling that of some compound Oidium. The species has little in common with Onygena except external appearance. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:380. Pilacre faginea, Berk. & Br.
Stipite nigrescente pruinoso; capitulo subgloboso; sporis buxeis. Onygena faginea, Fr. Syst. Myc. vol. iii. p. 209. On beech sticks, Spye Park, Wilts, Aug. 1844, C. E. Broome.
About 2 lines high. Stem 11 line high, pruinose, at length brown or blackish. Head subglobose or turbinate, at first pruinose, umbilicate or (in our specimens) without any trace of an umbilicus; flocci branched, especially above, somewhat fastigiate, more or less flexuous; spores minute, broadly elliptic, with a distinct nucleus.

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