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 Add this item to the list   465. Torula basicola n. s.
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Description:465. Torula basicola, n. s.
Hyphasmate repente ramoso hic illic assurgente; floccis fertilibus brevibus 5-7-articulatis fastigiatis; articulis non constrictis sero caducis, ultimo obtuso. At the base of stems of peas and of Nemophila auriculata, King's Cliffe.
Black, effused. Hyphasma creeping, branched, here and there rising from the general mass and giving off fascicles of short fastigiate fertile threads consisting of from 5-7 articulations. Articulations not constricted, ultimately separating, the last very obtuse. Each endochrome has usually a single nucleus.
A very curious species, distinguished from most Torula by its articulations not being constricted. In the plant on Nemophila the fertile threads grow singly, but there is no other difference. It is either destructive of the plant on which it grows, or is developed on it in consequence of previous disease.
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