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 Add this item to the list   629. S. (Obtectae) bufonia n. s.
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Description:629. S. (Obtectae) bufonia, n. s.
Sparsa; peritheciis globosodepressiusculis, ostiolo brevi corticem perforante; ascis cylindricis; sporidiis uniserialibus oblongis uniseptatis muco involutis. On small dead branches of oak, Easton, Northamptonshire.
Scattered over the branches, which are rough with the little penetrating ostiola. Perithecia globose, slightly depressed; ostiolum central, papilla form, with scarcely any neck. Asci cylindrical, containing a single row of oblong uniseptate sporidia which have a thick gelatinous coat which ultimately vanishes. The strings of sporidia remind one somewhat of toad spawn.
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