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 Add this item to the list   883. Sphaeria (Ceratostomae) ligneola n. s.
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Description:883. Sphaeria (Ceratostomae) ligneola, n. s.
Peritheciis globosis subglaucis glabris demersis, collo elongato obtuso; sporidiis ellipticis uniseptatis.
On decayed oak. Portbury, Somerset, Jan. 1845, C. E. B.
Perithecia scattered, immersed in the wood, globose, smooth, black with a slight glaucous blooni; neck about as long as the perithecia, obtuse; sporidia .0003-.0004 inch long, binucleate, at length uniseptate.
Resembling young S. cirrhosa, but perfectly smooth and glaucous, and by no means fibrillose.
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