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Description type:Original description 
Description:920. Agaricus (Psathyra) semivestitus, n. sp.
Pileo ovato obtuso brunneo pallescente laevi, fibrillis niveis brevibus notato; stipite fibrilloso-sericeo niveo; lamellis adscendentibus adnatis umbrinis.
Amongst grass in rich pastures. King's Cliffe, Oct. 2, 1860.
Pileus about half an inch across, ovate, obtuse, dark brown, turning pale, sprinkled with little fibrils more than half-way up, not striate; stem nearly straight, 2 inches high, 11 line thick, fibrilloso-silky, rather strong, white with a pale under-tinge of brown, fistulose, the walla within white with down; gills ascending, broad behind, adnate, umber-brown, tinged with the dark spores.
Allied to A. noli-tangere, but distinct in character from all the neighbouring species.
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