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 Add this item to the list  972. Sphaeria scatigena n. sp.
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Description:972. Sphaeria scatigena, n. sp.
Peritheciis liberis ovatis subtiliter hispidis, pilis brevibus rigidis; ostiolo formi, apice truncato; sporidiis globosis.
On horse-dung, King's Cliffe, with S. stercoraria, Sow. Spring.
Perithecia free, ovate, rough, with very short rigid hairs; ostiolum papillaeform, truncate; asci cylindrical; sporidia uniseriate, broadly elliptic, subglobose, at first surrounded with gelatine, .0008 inch long, flattened, so that a lateral view gives a narrow elliptic outline.
The sporidia in S. stercoraria are .00012 inch long; the perithecia are immersed in a decided stroma even when solitary.
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