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 Add this item to the list  999. Agaricus (Entoloma) ameides n. s.
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Description:999. Agaricus (Entoloma) ameides, n. s.
Pileo irregulari, late campan ulato gibbo, cent ro poli to; margine al bo-fiocc ule n to, demon] glabro, sericeo-nitente, undulato: stipite farcto, compresso, basi albo villoso, sursum striato fibrilloso, apice fiocculento: lamellis distantibus leviter adnexis rugosis.
In pastores. Bodelwyddan, Flintshire, Sept. 1863.
Pileus 1-2-1 inches across, varying from hemispherical in smaller specimens to campanulate, thin, pale reddish grey; spores rose-coloured, irregular. Large specimens, at first sight, closely resemble Hygrophorus ovinus. Smell peculiar, resemhling a mixture of orange-flower water and starch. The whole plant acquires a reddish tint in drying. We can find no record of anything at all near it.
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