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Remarks (public):According to present knowledge A. angustifolia is one of the most widespread species of Astrosporina in Indomalaya and Australasia. The fungus occurs in the oak forests of Papua New Guinea, Java and Sabah. Variable in morphology and colour this species is readily recognized in the field due to the following peculiar characters: innately fibrillose to subsquamulose pileus,
very narrow and densely crowded lamellae, slender cartilaginous and pruinose stipe (with a small marginate bulb at the base) and spermatic odour.
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Description:Astrosporina angustifolia Corner & Horak, spec. nov. Fig. 27
Pileus 10-40 mm diam., hemispheric or convex when young, becoming campanulate or umbonate-expanded; whitish, straw yellow, pale ochraceous or pale yellow-ochraceous, disc darker, turning argillaceous; smooth to innately fibrillose at centre, fibrillose to rimose towards (the often split) margin, occasionally squamulose around disc; dry, subviscid when moist, estriate, veil remnants absent. Lamellae adnexed to almost free, very narrow and very densely crowded, strongly intermixed (L -40, -15); whitish to yellowish turning argillaceous or brown, edge albofimbriate. Stipe 35-75 x 2-3 mm, cylindric, equal, slender, with small but distinct marginate bulb at base, cartilaginous; concolorous with pileus, pruinose all over; dry, solid, tough, veil remnants absent, single in groups. Context pale yellow-brown. Odour spermatic.
Spores 6,5-9 x 4,5-6 µm, nodulose, knobs conspicuous, yellow-brown. Basidia 20-34 x 6-9 µm, 4-spored. Cheilo-, pleuro- and caulocystidia 32-60 x 10-20 µm, fusoid, metuloid (up to 4 µm diam.), hyaline to yellowish membrane, encrusted. Cuticle a cutis of cylindric hyphae (4-10 µm diam.), encrusted with yellowish pigment. Clamp connections numerous.
Habitat. - On soil in forest under Castanopsis-Lithocarpus. Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Java), Sabah (Borneo).
Material. Papua New Guinea: Morobe district: Bulolo, Manki, 1400 m, 25.IV.1972, Horak (ZT 72/406, holotype); Bulolo, Manki, 14lX.1971, Horak (ZT 71/114); 22.X.1971, Horak (ZT 71/199); l.V.1972, Horak (ZT 72/429); Bulolo, Susu, 26.IV.1973, Horak (ZT 73/190); Wau, McAdam Memorial Park, 30.III.1972, Horak (ZT 72/342); Western Highlands, Mt. Hagen, Baiyer River Hallström Park, 22.V.1972, Horak (ZT 72/475); Trauna Valley Farm, 26.II.1972, Horak (ZT 73/70). - Indonesla (Java): Bogor, Tjibodas, 1800 m, 11.V.1972, Corner (J-2, ZT 79/187); Bogor, Tjibodas, 14lIII.1977, Horak (ZT 77/108); 16.III.1977, Horak (ZT 77/200): - Sabah (Borneo): Mt. Kinabalu, Mesilau River, 2100 m: 7.VII.1961, Corner (RSNB 707, ZT 78/56); I.IV.1964, Corner (RSBN 8038, ZT 78/57); 13.IV.1964, Corner (RSNB 8273, ZT 78/58); 14.IV.1964, Corner (RSNB 8279, ZT 78/59); 19.IV.1964, Corner (RSNB 8344, ZT 78/60); 21.IV.1964, Corner (RSNB 8385, ZT 78/61); Mt. Kinabalu, Bembangan River: 25.1.1964, Corner (ZT 78/62); 27.II.1964, Corner (ZT 78/63).

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