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Description type:Original description 
Description:1620. Peziza (Humaria) constellatio, B. & Br.
Minuta, gregaria nec stipitata, coccinea, convexa, sicca tantum cupula formis; paraphysibus linearibus apice curvatis hic illic ramosis; sporidiis globosis demum reticulatis. Fl. Dan. tab. 656. fig. 2.
Occurring in little groups, but not crowded, by the side of the road. Addington, Kent. It has also been found near Hereford by Dr. Cooke.
Sporidia .0007 inch in diameter. Dr. Cooke has the same thing from Hereford . and similar sporidia, but slightly larger, occur in P. humosa, Rehm and Fuckel. P. humosa, Fr., however, has cups 2-4 lines in diameter, which does not at all accord with our plant. The figure in ` Flora Danica ' gives exactly the habit; and the magnified plant confirms our diagnosis.
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