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 Add this item to the list  1780. Hygrophorus foetens, Phill.
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Description:1780. Hygrophorus foetens, Phill.
Foetidissimus nauseosus; pileo ex hemisphaerico convexo umbrino sicco, dein rimoso; stipite olivaceo-luteo squamis fibrosis transversis dissitis vestito; lamellis decurrentibus cinereis.
Near Shrewsbury, W. Phillips. Quélet refers this to A. atropunctus, placed by Fries in Eccilia. It seems, however, to us a true Hygrophorus, nearly related to H. micans. The disgusting smell is such as must have been mentioned by Persoon. Fries bad no authority for referring Persoon 's plant to Eccilia. He perhaps had a view to Bulliard's figure.
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