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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Phellinus glaucescens (Petch) Ryv., Norw. J. Bot. 19: 234. 1972. Fig. 4
? Poria glaucescens Petch, Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. Peradeniya 6: 139. 1916 (K).
"Cotype": Ceylon, Hakgala, on hardwood, T. Petch, May 1913 (K; no. 3563 cited in original description, not on packet).
Basidiocarp resupinate, up to 5 mm thick; pore surface greenish gray with some parts dull brown; margin narrow, pale tan to yellowish brown; pores 7-9 per mm; tube layer up to 5mm thick; context not discernible; all parts darkening in 2% KOH.
Clamp connections absent throughout. Hyphae of the context of two kinds: generative, 1.52 µm diam, thin- to thick-walled, hyaline, branched, simple-septate; skeletal, 1-1.5 µm diam, thick-walled, hyaline in 2% KOH, rarely branched, septa infrequent; tramal hyphae 2(-2.5) µm diam, thick-walled, simple-septate, dark brown, with parallel arrangement; basidia 6 x 5 µm, subglobose, 4-sterigmate, hyaline; basidiospores 3.5-4(-4.5) x 3-3.5 µm, broadly ellipsoid to subglobose, walls noticeably thickened in most spores, inamyloid, acyanophilous; pale yellowish brown to dull brown in 2% KOH (somewhat paler in distilled 1120, IKI), hymenial setae 13-15 (-18) x 6-8 um, ventricose to ventricose-rostrate, thick-walled with walls becoming thinner towards apices, dull reddish brown.
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